Program Description

The CAET Reiki Volunteer staff provides this complimentary service to the UAMC inpatient population, their supportive people and UAMC staff.  Currently, the Reiki volunteers work on a variety of units throughout the hospital, including Adult Oncology/Blood Marrow Transplant, Adult and Pediatric ICU and Cardiac Transplant. Reiki services will be available to other units as the programs grow. We are intentionally growing the program slowly and mindfully to ensure the excellence that UAMC lives on a daily basis.

Medical staff always has top priority where patients are concerned. The health of the patient is our first concern so our well-trained Reiki Volunteers never enter the hospital setting if a fever, cold or other signs of being contagious are present. Although physician permission is not required, many of the doctors support our Reiki work.

Our program protocol requires that Volunteers provide what is referred to as clinical Reiki sessions. This does not in any way infer that the CAET Reiki volunteers who perform this type of Reiki are providing a clinical service. The term refers to Reiki sessions that are provided in clinical arenas such as hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities. It is used to describe the technical pathway of the session, specific hand positions, required body mechanics for practitioners and guidelines which support cooperation between the holistic and allopathic communities. The term clinical clearly differentiates this form from other widely known types of Reiki that may include but not limited to, energy techniques, sound healing, specific balancing movements and other new age methods etc. Clinical Reiki is pure, regulated and therefore the appropriate choice for Reiki received in the hospital setting.

Session request forms are available on all units where Reiki is presently being offered. Reiki information Q & A sheets are also posted on each unit. Staff distributes the information sheets to patients and are asked to add names to the request form list, when volunteers are unavailable. Additionally patients may ask staff or volunteers to place their name on the Reiki Request form.

Requests may be also be made by submitting an online Reiki session request form, writing an e-mail to, calling the Center's 24 hour line, or by contacting UAMC Volunteer Services.

After-care is available at the Center for Advanced Energy Therapeutics. The Center offers one  complimentary 30-minute Reiki session to UAMC patients  who have received  Reiki during their  vist at UAMC. Sessions must be received within 30 days of discharge from UAMC hospital.  Documentation of discharge may required prior to receiving this session. Regular fees shall apply thereafter. 

The Center for Advanced Energy Therapeutics is very proud of the Reiki Basics Special Circumstances classes offered, by donation, to parents of children who suffer from life threatening illness. No one is turned away due to inability to make a donation. All profits are donated to the MelonHead Foundation which supports children with cancer and their families.

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