We invite you to explore our website with the curiosity of a child; willing, open and free. HospitalReiki.com was created with beauty and inspiration in mind as well as the intention to share information about the CAET Volunteer Program, Reiki in general, and its value in both the holistic and medical arenas. Additionally it is our wish to provide valid resource guidance to those suffering from illness of any kind or degree.

Today there is a steady increase of holistic health practices being integrated into the allopathic community. In recent years the popularity of Reiki, a Japanese method of natural healing, appears to have taken forefront in many mainstream arenas. Clearly Energy Healing and Energy Medicine are becoming an accepted and sought after practice in medical clinics, the doctor’s office and hospitals throughout the world. Reiki in hospitals is simply a natural progression in the exponential growth of healthcare services today. The members of CAET Reiki Volunteer Program are honored to be among those selected to support the mainstream medical community.

Reiki is a Japanese method of natural healing based on channeling energy (KI) through the hands. Although this gentle touch therapy is not a substitute for medical care, however it is gentle, non-invasive and non-manipulative so is therefore safe to use regardless of the state of one’s health. It is estimated that there are more than one hundred thousand people practicing this healing art throughout the world today. Recent studies further show that to date, over one million people in the USA alone have experienced Reiki.

Reiki is to be considered a complement to allopathic medicine. It should never to be used as a substitute for proper medical supervision. It is our strong opinion that all health related issues require a consultation with a physician. Therefore the ideas, suggestions, meditations, and holistic views shared on HospitalReiki.com and AdvancedEnergyTherapeutics.com are for informational purposes only. The author of these websites, The Center for Advanced Energy Therapeutics, is not liable or responsible for any misuse of this information which allegedly results in loss or damage of any kind.


We intend to expand our presence and contribution as a recognizable complement to the existing quality care already present as it perpetuates the credibility and value of Reiki in the hospital environment.

We are dedicated to quality care, honorable reputation, expert training and professionalism which complement the traditional Reiki code of ethics.


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